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Our mission is to
design & develop the best hearing healthcare solutions around

Providing hearing healthcare in retail and medical model programs throughout the lower mainland of British Columbia. Through prevention, identification, education, and custom treatment plans; we look to #amplifylife.

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We like to make functional models

Brick and Mortar Clinic

The Hearing Station

2011 - Present

Design and development of retail hearing clinic model. Worked with local branding firm to create an identity that puts patient care, customer service and community first. Utilizing modern technology to improve hearing healthcare in a more patient-centric environment.

Online Brand


2011 - Present

On going brand presence online to spread awareness of hearing healthcare through more atypical channels, focusing on lifestyle while engaging other non-prescription based hearing products.

Hearing Healthcare Awareness

Viva Hears @ Viva Care

2014 - Present

Design, implementation and ongoing management of an integrated hearing healthcare awareness program. Providing increased hearing education to clinical staff, their patients, and offering hearing testing, consultation and products.

Hearing Healthcare Awareness

The OpenDoor

In Development

Design and implementation similar to the Viva programs based in Specialists offices with patient populations that are generally associated with potential hearing loss based on age and lifestyle.

Technology along with empathy creates transparent designs.

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